Biomedical Engineering is one of the new majors in the world of health care and combines engineering and medical sciences in order to solve human health problems. This field focuses on the design, development and maintenance of medical devices that are used to treat patients.

In this major there is a group of sciences such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and medical sciences, which are harnessed to solve problems in human biological systems through an engineering approach and perspective.

الهندسة الطبية الحيوية

Biomedical Engineering acts as a bridge between rapidly developing technology and living organisms, and the biomedical engineer contributes in the fields of designing prosthetic and surgical devices such as Laser Technologies, Robotic Surgery, CT and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Devices, and therapeutic devices such as Dialysis Machines, Respirators and others.

Students study in Turkish universities for four years in this major. Turkish universities are distinguished by their reliance on the latest educational technology means and permanent development of study programs to keep pace with the spirit of the times, where students graduate with the necessary scientific and academic experience that helps them to excel in this major at the local and global level.


Importance of Biomedical Engineering:

The importance of this major will clearly appear to us if we imagine human life without the technologies that were invented and designed by the people of this major and here, we mention some of these inventions to clarify the idea, perhaps the most important of which are Artificial Limbs for the disabled, Dialysis Machines, CT and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Devices, Physiotherapy Techniques and many medical devices.

Also, the tremendous development in medicine is mainly due to medical technology. If it disappears, medicine will regress hundreds of years back, and there will remain reliance on the doctor’s skill in diagnosing and treating diseases. Not to mention the diseases that completely depend on modern technologies for diagnosis and treatment. We can say that the major of Biomedical Engineering is considered essential in the development of medicine and health care.

Since then, people have realized the importance of this major and its graduates have enjoyed a prominent position in society. Universities in various countries of the world have paid great attention to the Biomedical Engineering major, due to its great impact on human life, and universities are constantly working to develop this major to achieve the greatest benefit to humanity.


Biomedical Engineering Curriculum:

Biomedical engineering students study a variety of scientific courses that provide graduates with high skills and help them create a promising future. The curriculum or some subjects may differ between universities, and these are some of the basic subjects that are taught in the Biomedical Engineering major:

  • First year: Introduction to Medical Engineering – Introduction to Mathematics – Physics – Integration and Calculus – Chemistry – Communication Skills – Coordinates, Derivatives and Drawings – Properties of Solutions and Chemical Reactions.
  • Second year: Bioengineering Statistics – Introduction to Programming – Linear Algebra and Equations- Biology – Electrical Circuits – Physiological Topics – Laws of Thermodynamics and Chemical Equilibrium.
  • Third year: General Introduction to Optics – Digital and Technical Drawing – Programming – Fluid Mechanics – Introduction to Immunology – Immune Response.
  • Fourth Year: Health and Safety – Process and Control Dynamics – Professional Ethics – Medical Information and Clinical Engineering – Health Care Management Systems – Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Engineering – Graduation Project.

Career Fields:

Job offers for Biomedical Engineering are rapidly increasing in various fields of health care and public health, and these are some of the jobs that graduates of this major can fill:

  • Hospitals and Medical Centers.
  • Pharmaceutical Factories.
  • Medical Electronics Establishments.
  • Academic and Educational Sector.

Biomedical Engineering is considered one of the modern disciplines in the vast world of health care, and it is a specialization that combines engineering and medical sciences in order to solve human health problems. Patient treatment.

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