Economics is concerned with the study of various resources and the mechanism for covering these resources for expenditures, at all levels, from the individual level through companies, institutions, ministries and governments to the economies of countries and the global economy.

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Economics is divided into two main branches:

Microeconomics: This branch focuses on studying economics at the level of individuals and companies. It examines means of saving, purchasing products and expenditures, and following up on prices and the market.

Macroeconomics, as this branch of economics focuses on economics at the level of groups and countries, and studies interest rates, inflation, unemployment and taxes, and contributes to setting economic policies for countries.

Economics aims to graduate economists who are able to reach the depths of economic problems, such as financial instability, unemployment, inflation and price volatility in the markets, and to develop solutions to these problems based on an accurate understanding of the principles and fundamentals of economics.

Economics graduates have extensive experience in using advanced digital technology, excellent time and resource management skills, in addition to knowledge of the strategy for solving various human problems.


Duration of study:

Students in Faculty of Economics study for four years in Turkish universities, which are considered among the best universities in the world, by constantly updating study programs and adopting practical training, in addition to using the latest modern educational methods to keep pace with the spirit of the times.


Importance of Economics:

The importance of any university major stems from several factors, which are the human need for this major and the extent of the popularity of this major in the labor market, as this major benefits people and solves various problems, as for the business world, the need for economics is increasing every day in the labor market for  many reasons such as the great expansion of commercial, industrial, tourism and service institutions, and the companies ’reliance on academics and experts in economic disciplines to avoid getting into trouble and putting quick solutions to avoid losses as well.

The desire of growing companies to enter new markets and increase their shares in local markets has made an urgent and increasing need for well-trained economists with a broad vision in developing and implementing economic policies for companies to achieve this purpose.

The importance of this major is increased by the wide range of sectors that an economics graduate can work in, such as banking, accounting, auditing, finance, and economic management and foreign trade.

 Therefore, economics was one of the disciplines that attracted students wishing to achieve a promising future, a prominent social position and a high income.

As a result of the great popularity of this major in the labor market and the high demand of students for it, international universities in general and Turkish universities in particular have worked to pay attention to this major by developing its program in a way that suits the changing era and provides graduates with modern knowledge that keeps pace with the great development of the sectors that are interested in this major.


Economics Curriculum:

Students in Economics study a set of scientific courses that make the economist knowledgeable in all aspects of economics, and the names of some subjects may differ in universities, and this is a comprehensive overview of some of the basic subjects taught in this major.

  • First year: Introduction to Economics – Mathematics – Methods of Research and Statistics – Communication Skills and Academic Reports – Office Applications for Economics and Business.
  • Second year: Basic Principles of Accounting – Microeconomics – Statistics for Economics – Mathematics for Economics – Macroeconomics.
  • Third year: Econometrics – International Economics – Theory and Monetary Policy – Money and Banks – Public Finance.
  • Fourth year: Economic Methodology – Economic Analysis – Development of Economic Ideas – Industrial Organizations – Economic Development.


Economics and Business World:

Economics major is gaining increasing popularity in the local and international business markets. Graduates of the Economics major can work in many prestigious positions in various sectors, including these jobs and places:

  • Banks.

  • Commercial companies.

  • Media, journalism and research centers.

  • The academic educational aspect, such as institutes and universities.

Students study economics for four years in Turkish universities, which are considered one of the most powerful universities in the world, by constantly updating their study programs, adopting practical training as a basis for teaching in them, in addition to using the latest modern and advanced educational methods and methods that keep pace with the spirit of the times.

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