It is one of the electronic disciplines resulting from the great digital development that our lives are witnessing today. Software Engineering includes all the operations that computers and smart devices perform.

Software Engineering relies on engineering and mathematics to train engineers to uncover the requirements of the times, design and develop programs and applications, and use information technologies while solving problems in industry, commerce, education, and various other aspects of life. Software engineers have a strong engineering background and are trained to work at every stage of software design and development projects, such as data analysis, design, coding, testing and management, and they can also develop mobile applications.

هندسة البرمجيات

Software engineering equips students with sufficient information and expertise in areas that are indispensable today such as Database Science and Artificial Intelligence. Turkish universities are considered among the best universities in the world in Software Engineering because they rely on the latest computer laboratories and the best modern technologies.

Students need to study four years in order to graduate and acquire the highest levels of academic knowledge and practical experience.


Importance of Software Engineering:

Digital Automation is spreading in all areas of life through modern technology, because people’s use of smart devices has become an indispensable necessity of life. Most importantly, all smart devices rely mainly on software, applications and operating systems designed by software engineers.

Digital technologies and modern software have become at the core of many industries and trade through electronic stores designed by programmers, in addition to other fields of work such as Distance Education in which programming engineers work on designing websites and applications that facilitate the education process.

The Programming Language is expected to be the first language of the future. Therefore, software engineers, who enjoy high status and income, will be at the top because this profession is increasingly in demand in the labor market.


Software Engineering Curriculum:

It includes a group of diverse scientific courses that enable the student to acquire the knowledge necessary to achieve a promising future. The curriculum may differ between universities and this is an example of some subjects taught in this field by different Turkish universities:

  • First year: Introduction to Engineering Sciences – Introduction to Software Engineering – Calculus – Computer Programming – Data Structure and Algorithms.
  • Second year: Linear Algebra – Numerical Analysis – Object-Oriented Programming – Discrete Mathematics – Database System Design – Probability and Statistics – Derivative Equations – Software Engineering Requirements – Practical Training in Software Engineering.
  • Third Year: Engineering Economics and Finance – Software Design – Introduction to Artificial Intelligence – Professional Ethics – Computer Networks – Software Structuring – Practical Training in Software Engineering.
  • Fourth year: Occupational Health and Safety – System Software Testing and Verification – Internet Programming – Parallel Programming – Introduction to Developing Mobile Technologies – Special Topics in Software Engineering – Graduation Project.


Career Fields:

Software Engineering is witnessing an increase in demand in the local and global labor market, and software engineers can perform many tasks and occupy many jobs such as:

  • Software Engineer.
  • Software Developer.
  • Information Technology Projects Manager.
  • Programmer and Designer of Electronic Applications.
  • Designer and Programmer of Mobile and Computer Games.
  • Designer and Developer of Information Protection and Security Systems

It is expected that the programming language will be the first language of the future, and because the software engineering specialization is increasingly penetrating in all aspects of life, the software engineer has been at the top of the professions and disciplines that are in high demand in the future.

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