Biruni University is one of the modern Turkish universities, which was founded to keep pace with the spirit of the age and the rapid development of the labor market, it was founded in 2014, in the most beautiful areas of Istanbul, and created a distinguished name for itself among the major Turkish universities, and quickly attracted the attention of students, as 6000 students from different countries were able to secured places for themselves at the university. These students study in six faculties, institutes and vocational schools.

Biruni University
Biruni University

What makes Biruni University special?

The modernity, development and establishment of Biruni University on modern foundations made it a leading university and a strong competitor in the local and international university rankings, and here we mention the reasons:

Biruni University is accredited by the Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK) and is an internationally accredited and recognized university.

Biruni University is distinguished by the diversity of its study programs, and its ability to meet students’ desires in choosing the university specialization they dream of.

Many students at Biruni University succeed in obtaining the opportunity to study and train in major international universities, due to the membership of Biruni University in the Erasmus program for student exchange, funded by the European Union, in addition to many cooperation and student exchange agreements with the most prestigious international universities, including the famous Kansas University.

Biruni University is considered an attractive environment for leading scientists and academics, and the most famous at the local and international level, as it includes hundreds of the best university professors who are competent in their specializations.

Biruni University seeks to be among the most powerful universities in the world and has an ambitious plan to be among the best five hundred universities in the world in 2023 and it is taking steady steps to reach this goal.

Biruni University occupies a privileged location in the center of Istanbul in the European section, in a place where the heritage and beauty of modernity embraced, and it is in a location close to all modern means of transportation, which helps students to access it easily.

Biruni University is distinguished by its adoption of the English language as the language of study in most departments and faculties, which distinguishes its students over others and gives them preference for companies and institutions after graduation in granting them prestigious jobs.

Biruni University provides its students with distinguished, quiet and equipped university housing with the best amenities and luxury.

Biruni University did not neglect the entertainment aspect for its students, as it holds many sports, cultural, social and artistic activities in its facilities prepared for this.

Its proximity to the business world provides its students with the opportunity to train in university hospitals and medical centers while studying, and provides them with a prestigious job opportunity after graduation.

Biruni University is considered one of the most powerful universities scientifically, and it offers many full and partial scholarships to many students, in addition to a lot of special offers and advantages that you can get when you communicate with Studyline the authorized agent of the university.

Biruni University is one of the newest Turkish universities, which arose in keeping with the spirit of the times and rapid development in the labor market. It was established in 2014, in the most beautiful areas of Istanbul.

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