Sabancı University was founded about a quarter of a century ago with concerted efforts between scholars, academics and a group of businessmen who have an effective role in the Turkish educational and commercial sector, as their goal was to establish an international university in the heart of Istanbul, and this was achieved within a short period of time as it succeeded to be the first destination for thousands of students studying in its three faculties.

Sabancı University
Sabancı University

What makes Sabancı University special?

Sabancı University is considered one of the best Turkish and international universities, as it is one of the top five hundred universities in the world, and this is what all international universities seek.

Sabancı University is accredited in all countries of the world and accredited by the Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK).

Since its inception, Sabancı University has become one of the first destinations for the most famous scientists, academics and experts in the world, as it is an environment that encourages creativity, as the student guarantees that he gets the best education with more than 400 university professors. This means one teacher for every 19 students, which is an excellent rate that is hardly achieved even in schools.

Diversity of study programs in the fields of engineering, administration and human sciences, as the number of study programs in three fields is about 100 study programs for the three university stages, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate.

The student at Sabancı University has a great opportunity for scholarship, study and training in international universities in various countries of the world, as the percentage of students on scholarship for the (Bachelor’s) is more than 68%, and it is considered one of the three best Turkish universities that send their students to study and train abroad.

The study at Sabancı University is not limited to theoretical study only, as the university has provided all modern means in education and practical training, and the application of theoretical lessons in advanced laboratories and technology-based laboratories to achieve the greatest scientific benefit, gain practical experiences and prevent boredom in the educational process.

In addition to the great academic excellence achieved by Sabancı University, there is the entertainment aspect, where students can relax throughout the year, which breaks the academic routine through many student clubs and cultural, sports, artistic and entertainment events.

Sabancı University provides its students with safe and comfortable university housing close to the university campus to avoid the hassle of crowded transport in Istanbul.

Sabancı University and the Business World:

Sabancı University provides its students with the opportunity to train in major international companies in England, Germany and Japan, including JP Morgan, KPMG International, Komatsu, Porsche and many other local companies that allow students to train and work for them. This and many other special offers and advantages offered by Sabancı University for students who register through Studyline, the authorized agent of Sabancı University.

Sapanca University is considered one of the most powerful Turkish and international universities, as it has reserved a place among the five hundred most powerful universities in the world, this advanced level that all international universities seek to reach.

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