The dream of flying haunted people since ancient times, many tried in this field until the Wright Brothers at the beginning of the twentieth century were able to fly for the first time using an aircraft with an engine and a propeller.


The Flight Engineering major combines general engineering sciences such as mathematics, physics, general chemistry, aeronautics and design.

هندسة الطيران

The Flight Engineering major aims to train engineers who are able to design aircraft, helicopters, and warplanes and work continuously to develop them in terms of security, safety, speed, form and services. It also aims to train engineers to reduce costs during the manufacture of aircraft and to save fuel used in flights, in addition to providing engineers with tools to solve problems that stand in their way in the stages of aircraft manufacture, and the problems they face during the period of operation and periodic maintenance. Most importantly, flight engineers have a comprehensive knowledge of other branches of engineering.


Duration of study:

Students study for four years in Turkish universities, which are among the best universities in the world in providing the Flight Engineering Program, because they provide continuous practical training for students.


Importance of Flight Engineering:

Flight Engineering is one of the most important university majors. This importance comes from the fact that airplanes are the most used means of moving between countries, as millions of flights depart from the world’s airports every year.


Flight engineers do not only manufacture civil aircraft, but they also design and manufacture warplanes, helicopters, and commercial aircraft. People are pinning their hopes on flight engineers to create the fastest, safest and most fuel-efficient aircraft. In addition to aircraft factories, flight engineers are active in all airports to monitor and maintain the progress of aircraft after each flight.


Flight engineers play a major role in preserving the environment by creating methods that reduce the thermal emissions from aircraft and reduce the pollution resulting from them.


Flight engineers have a great position in human societies for their effective and essential role in the most prosperous transportation sectors in the world. Most universities pay great attention to Flight Engineering major and try their best to develop the academic program and use the latest technology.


Flight Engineering Curriculum:

Students study a varied curriculum that includes a group of scientific courses and combines engineering and flight sciences. Some subjects may differ from one university to another, and these are the subjects taught in the Flight Engineering major:

  • First year: Introduction to Aeronautics – Mathematics – General Physics – General Chemistry – Calculus – Introduction to Robotics – Introduction to Computer Programming – First Training Course.
  • Second year: Engineering Materials Science – Fluid Mechanics – Dynamics and Motion – Thermodynamics – Resistance – Computer-Aided Design – Second Training Course.
  • Third year: Aeronautical Mechanics – Principles of Aerodynamics – Electrical Engineering – Automatic Control Engineering – Experimental Engineering – Aircraft Electronics – Structural Engineering – Aircraft Structures – Third Training Course.
  • Fourth year: Aircraft Design – Computational Fluid Dynamics – Stability and Control – Fourth Training Course – Graduation Project.


Career Fields:

The demand for flight engineers is always increasing in various countries of the world and they are able to perform many tasks and work in the following sectors:

  • Aircraft Manufacturing.
  • General Maintenance of Aircraft.
  • Maintenance of Warplanes.
  • Supervising Flight Tests.
  • Maintenance of Heat and Turbine Engines.

The Aviation Engineering major is one of the most important and strongest university majors, and the most distinguished. This importance comes from the fact that the Aviation Engineering major is related to the most complex machines and the most vehicles used by humans to move between countries of the world, as millions of flights depart from the world’s airports every year.

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