It is one of the disciplines related to human health, health care systems, in addition to its study of the basic molecules that make up living things. Molecular Biology and Genetics encompasses the fields of bioengineering, systems engineering, software, and computer engineering in theory and practice.

The study of Molecular Biology and Genetics provides a strong foundation for understanding all life forms, from bacteria to plants to complex vertebrate systems. Emerging technologies in personalized medicine, agriculture, and even solutions to environmental pollution have their basis in the molecular functions of cells.

هندسة الوراثة والجزيئات

 Molecular Biology and Genetics major aims to provide students with the latest and high academic content. It includes basic bioengineering techniques and various courses as well as training in molecular biology and genetics. It is intended to guide the students in different areas of biology, bioinformatics, genetics, genomics, population genetics, cell biology, biochemistry and stem cell research

The duration of study in Molecular Biology and Genetics major is four years in Turkish universities, which are distinguished in using the most modern genetics laboratories and research centers in the world.


Importance of Molecular Biology and Genetics:

Molecular Biology and Genetics is one of the most important university majors because it deals with several areas such as health care and eliminating the troubles of aging and chronic diseases.

Molecular Biology and Genetics major is making great strides in areas such as saving humanity from diseases caused by genetics, and producing medicines and treatments.

It also works on the production of proteins and vaccines to strengthen the immune system and fight various diseases such as Viral Hepatitis, in addition to research on cancer diseases and finding drugs that relieve disease pain and complications.

Molecular Biology and Genetics has a major environmental impact in innovating and developing effective methods to reduce pollution. In the agricultural field, it develops genetically modified fertilizers for various crops, which are considered one of the most essential elements in the human diet.

The great importance of Molecular Biology and Genetics is evident during the spread of the Corona Pandemic, where hopes are placed on geneticists to devise an effective vaccine to eradicate this virus and save humanity, and for this reason, geneticists have assumed a prominent position in all human societies, and have enjoyed prestigious jobs and remunerative salaries.


Molecular Biology and Genetics Curriculum:

The curriculum for the Molecular Biology and Genetics major deals with a variety of scientific courses that include basic engineering sciences in the early years, then the subjects move towards specialization more in the remaining academic years. Some subjects may differ from one university to another, but they do share basic subjects for this discipline.

  • First year: General Biology – General Chemistry – Mathematics for Biological Sciences – Communication Skills and Academic Reports – Physics of Biological Sciences – Biostatistics – Organic Chemistry – Introduction to Bioinformatics.
  • Second year: Molecular Genetics – Computing for Biological Sciences – Introduction to Bioinformatics- Cell Biology – Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry – Physiology – Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Culture.
  • Third year: Human Physiology – Microbiology – Biotechnology – Techniques in Biological Sciences – Genetics – Recombinant DNA Technology – Current Developments in Molecular Biology – Summer Training.
  • Fourth year: Comparative Genetics and Proteomics – Immunology – Occupational Health and Safety – Bioethics – Pharmacogenetics – Epigenetics – Plant Biology – Molecular Biology of Cancer – Graduation Project.

Career Fields:

Molecular Biology and Genetics have a bright future both globally and within Turkey. Molecular Biology and Genetics graduates will have the chance to work in both public and private sectors:

  • Research-Development Units.
  • Genetics and Nutrition.
  • Quality Control Departments.
  • Hospitals and Medical Laboratories.
  • Agricultural Field.
  • Environmental Protection.
  • Forensic Medicine.
  • Genetic Counselor.

Genetics and Molecular Engineering is considered one of the leading disciplines in the labor market in various countries, and the Genetic and Molecular Engineer is active in various aspects of life, especially in various research centers.

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