Public Relations is one of the important administrative majors that is concerned with improving relations between companies in general and improving relations between companies and customers in particular, which leads to giving a good impression of the company to clients and intermediaries, and this is what makes these companies attractive to customers.

العلاقات العامة

This major is based on a set of sciences that provide the student with the skills of communication and expressing opinion, such as communication sciences, psychology and management, because these sciences are the basic structure of the Public Relations major.

Public relations aims to train experts who are able to be the best representative of companies and also those who give the best image for commercial, industrial and service companies and provide them with the best means of good communication with customers who deal with the company.


Public Relations art or science?

Some people have attractive personalities, distinct styles of speech, and an innate tact in speaking, but these innate abilities must be refined by learning the sciences of public relations, and whoever lacks these capabilities can attain them by studying the sciences of public relations, so the major of public relations combines the acquired knowledge with the innate art.


Duration of study:

Students in the Public Relations Department study for four years at Turkish universities, which are among the best universities in the world, and are ranked among the best universities in the world university rankings.


Importance of Public Relations:

It is one of the most important administrative majors because all companies, organizations and institutions have a Public Relations Office that facilitates their communication with companies, other institutions and government departments, as well as with clients.

The tasks that public relations specialists can perform and the many skills they master, such as the ability to solve problems and prepare reports that direct the work of companies towards the right choices, made the need for public relations experts in various departments an urgent need.

The growing desire of commercial, industrial and service companies to increase their customers and profits has led to its increasing importance at the level of administrative and social majors.

The presence of a public relations expert becomes more important in organizing events held by institutions and companies to establish and maintain contact with the public and the media, such as press conferences, festivals, exhibitions and celebrations. The public relations expert is considered primarily responsible for drawing the public image of companies and institutions in people’s minds.

Many ambitious students aspire to join this major because its graduates have a prominent social position, promising future and high income.


Public Relations Curriculum:

It deals with a group of scientific courses that provide students with communication skills and skills for dealing with clients. The titles of some subjects may differ between universities, and this is an example of some basic subjects taught in the field:

  • First year: Introduction to Public Relations – Introduction to Communication Studies – Communication and Society – General English Language – Public Relations Management – Communication Theories.
  • Second year: Communication Research – Public Relations Tools and Techniques – Integrated Marketing Communications – Graphic Applications – Media and Society – Writing Skills – Corporate Communications.
  • Third year: Consumer Behavior – Brand Management – Integrated Marketing Communications – Campaign Design – Political Communication – Public Opinion and Public Diplomacy – Digital Public Relations.
  • Fourth Year: Event Management – Basic Journalism – International Public Relations – Operations Management in Public Relations Agencies – Presentation and Expression Techniques.


Career Fields:

It is considered one of the most popular university majors in the business world, as there is no large or small institution without a public relations department.

Public Relations graduates can manage the most prestigious jobs in many sectors, such as:

  • Companies and Commercial, Industrial and Service Establishments.
  • Public Relations Companies.
  • Festivals, Commercial Events and Press Conferences.

Many of the youth of the current era, with future thinking, aspire to reserve a seat for them in the field of public relations, due to the prestigious social status, promising future and distinguished financial income of its owners.

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